PAVET 05PAV-181 (GSRT of Greece)

The optimization of a VSLI a H.264/AVC (MPEG-4) video encoder with respect to the VLSI area and the encoder's performance. 

The DST has contributed to this project by improving the motion estimation (ME) techniques used in the encoder. 
DST has designed and developed a reprogrammable at run-time ME engine. The engine is able to perform a variety of fast ME algorithms (including PMVFAST, MVFAST, etc). Furthermore, DST introduced a speculative execution technique to optimize the pipeline utilization and improve the ME algorithm's execution time.

Courtesy of Global Digital Technologies S.A.

Paper Output

  • K. Babionitakis, G. Doumenis, G. Georgakarakos, G. Lentaris, K. Nakos, D. Reisis, J. Sifnaios, N. Vlassopoulos, "A Real-Time Motion Estimation FPGA Architecture", Special Issue on Field-Programmable Technology, Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, Issues 1-2, Volume 3, 2008, Springer