The Digital Systems Team has been involved in a variety of research and development projects with diverse subjects. The team focuses on real-time applications concerning parallelism and maximum throughput processing.

List of Projects

Nephele - eNd to End scalable and dynamically reconfigurable oPtical arcHitecture for application-awarE SDN cLoud datacentErs

NEPHELE is developing a dynamic optical network infrastructure for future scale-out, disaggregated datacenters.

Universal WiFi Platform

A single reusable platform for a wide range of 802.11n and 802.11ac use cases.

PANDA - Asymmetric Passive Optical Network for xDSL and FTTH Access

A multi-wavelength passive optical network (PON) that implements a fiber-to-the cabinet (FTTC) access scheme and provides multi-ten Mb/s access to VDSL2 end-users.

NexGenMilliwave Next Generation Backhaul Radio

Hellinic Collaborative Project for the development of a Gigabit Wireless Transceiver at 60GHz mmwave frequencies.

NEWCOM++ Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications

European research project for ubiquitous network infrastructure and architectures.

SS_SPARC Vector Multiprocessor

SPARC v8 compatible superscalar multiprocessor core. Analysis, design and development of the FPU and Load/Store units in Collaboration with the Electronic System Design Group, Loughborough University.

PAVET Advanced Real-Time Video Encoder (05PAV-181 GSRT of Greece)

The optimization of a VSLI H.264/AVC (MPEG-4) video encoder with respect to the VLSI area and the encoder's performance.

NEWCOM Network of Excellence Software Defined Radio (IST-507325)

European research project for next-gen mobile communications. DST lead the Flexible Transceiver Architectures activity.

INOS (IST-2002-507794)

Design, development and integration in VLSI of a H.264/AVC (MPEG-4) video encoder, using UMC library .18 process.

Frequency Analyser (Institute for Accelerating Systems and Applications-Internal Project 2004-2006)

Design and development of a real-time system for the frequency analysis at the 0-200 MHz band with 25KHz resolution, based on 2048 complex point FFT at operating frequency of 200MHz on FPGAs and 4096 FFT at operating frequency 1GHz on VLSI with TSMC library .13um process.

HIPRO - Digital Signal Processing for Audio Applications (IST-1999-20380)

Design and development of the digital modules for the Digital to Analog Converter, and Digital Signal Processing for the digital audio amplifier using DSP and FPGA.

STINGRAY - Space Time Coding for Reconfigurable Wireless Access Systems (IST-2000-39173)

Design and FPGA-implementation of a high throughput FFT module and the corresponding Bit Accurate Model.

WIND_FLEX - Indoor Wireless Telecommunications (IST-1999-10025)

Design and implementation of a high-speed reconfigurable FFT module on FPGA and the corresponding Bit Accurate Model.

BC3 VDSL (XDSL) Modem (ESPRIT 26298)

Development of the digital data path of the modem, implementation of all major modules in FPGAs and system integration.

Patient Files for the School of Dentistry, University of Athens

Database software application for storing the medical records of patients.

PAVE 99BE267 - Research and development of New Technology Speaker Systems

Research into systems using electromechanical feedback.

Multimedia Database for the School of Dentistry, University of Athens

Database software application for multimedia content.

Proteus SE (ICT4GROWTH-000468)

A flexible, high performance, low power and low cost WiFi platform.

Digital library for the Laboratory of Constitutional Justice, Law Department of the University of Athens

Database software application for legal documents.

EPET II-476 (1993-1996) - Microwave Telecommunications Transceiver

Design and integration of the digital modem for the peer-to-peer connection of 60Mbits/sec.

Nestor - Nestor Muon Telescope (1992-1995)

Design and development of a real-time system with digital filters and sorting for the 'Nestor Muon Telescope'.